How Popular is Your Site?

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Have you ever wondered how popular your website is compared to all the other sites out there?  What about compared to your competitors?   There is a cool online tool available that you can use to find this information and I’d like to share it with you.  The best part about this tool is that it is FREE to use.

Using the Tool

To use this tool, go to When you get to the homepage, click on the tab that says Traffic Rankings across the top of the page.  Next, type in your URL in the search box on that page and click Get Traffic Details.  When your site pops up, choose “Overview” from the left hand navigation.  Write down your ranking and any other traffic details that may interest you.  Repeat this process for your top five competitors.


If after these tests you feel that you need to improve your rank, we can help.  Comstar offers a number of programs that will assist in improving your rank.  We even offer Guaranteed Search Engine Programs which are very popular right now.  Find out more about how to improve your ranking with a Search Engine Program.