How Important Has The Internet Become?

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And The Internet Survey Says……………..

A recent survey, “2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report”, reveals that the Internet is perceived as important to our lives as water, food or air. More than half of those that responded said they could not live without the Internet.

The international study consisted of two surveys; one included 2,800 college students from 14 different countries and the other included 2,800 young working professionals in their 20s.

33% of college students and employees surveyed around the world believe the Internet is a “fundamental resource for the human race—as important as air, water, food and shelter.” 

Almost 50% believe it is “pretty close” to that importance.

66% of college students respond that a mobile device such as a laptop, smart phone or tablet is “the most important technology in their lives.”

58% of young employees respond that a smart phone will be ready to pass desktop computers as the most technological tool.

19% of college students believe their smart phones are their most important device used every day compared to their desktop computers. 

91% of college students and 88% of employees said they have a personal Facebook account and about 77% check the account at least once per day.  33% check their account at least 5 times a day!

84% of the college students surveyed said they are interrupted at least once per hour while doing projects or homework by texts, social media updates and phone calls.  Nearly 19% indicated that they are interrupted about once every 10 minutes!

70% of employees said they have “friended” their supervisor and/or co-workers on Facebook.

Sure, the internet is important to me – it makes my life a lot easier – but I would never say it’s as important as food or shelter.  Of course, I’m not a college student anymore or a “young” professional as these survey takers were.  I do realize, however, that the younger generation is all about technology.

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