How Do You Build Brand Awareness Online?

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Your website is an excellent way to help build your brand.

As you probably remember from marketing class, two ways to build brand awareness are through: brand recognition and brand recall.

Brand recognition is achieved through repeated exposure to a message and images.  Think about your website – does it promote the same message that your marketing materials do?  Does it reflect the same message that your team is trained to discuss with prospects?

You must have a message that stands out on your website AND that is shown several times throughout the pages of your site.  What is that main message on your website?  See if you can find one that jumps out.  Here’s an example-  think about Amazon for a second, what is their main message?  Free shipping.  That message is attached to their brand.  In fact, did you know that they pulled all of their advertising to focus on that message?

Next, you need your prospects to go one step further; you need them to engage in brand recall.  This is a higher level of awareness where someone can talk about your product/service after they have visited your website.

Do you have something memorable on your site that will help a visitor to remember your message and talk about it later?