Good reasons to Recruit with Facebook

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Facebook ads aren’t just good for driving sales, they can be good tools for recruiting employees. 

The opportunity to recruit among your target audience could attract future employees who are not easliy reached through traditional channels. 

Candidates Hang Out on Facebook

Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networks and the site is heavily integrated into the lives of its users. Each day, 398 million individuals log into Facebook!

Its understandable that you’ll likely find job seekers hanging out there.  Post a job and drive traffic to your Facebook page with Facebook ads.

Find your Ideal Candidate

You can focus your ads with specific criteria for your future employees.  You can target a location, degree of education, specific work history, and interests that match your work culture.

Targeting like this will attract high-interest candidates. Compare that to online job boards, where you can get inundated with unqualified or irrelevant applicants.

Low Cost Recruitment

Facebook charges on a pay-per-click basis for your Ads. In other words, you’ll be charged if someone is interested enough to click on your job ad.