Going Mobile

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips, Website Tools

The use of BlackBerrys, smartphones, and other mobile devices with internet service is on the rise.  In fact, 1 out of every 5 Americans use the mobile web every day!  With that knowledge, don’t you think it is wise to have a mobile-compatible version of your website?  If you answered yes, way to go! If you are skeptical on whether or not a mobile website is that big of a deal, let me share some quick facts with you that may start getting you to think otherwise.

As you know, phone screens come in all shapes and sizes.  This can make your regular website hard to read.  By making a simplified mobile version of your site, people will be able to get a clear view of it, no matter their screen size.

With data plans and phones becoming cheaper, more and more people are able to afford internet access on their devices.  This explains why there are billions of dollars of purchases made from phones and mobile devices each year.  It is becoming more convenient to shop from mobile devices, instead of sitting at your computer, turning it on, waiting, letting the internet load, more waiting, and then shopping.  If you sell products online, it is ideal that you mobilize your website asap.

Advertising spending is a good indicator of where technology is headed in the future.  With a projected spending of over $6.5 billion in 2012, it is more than obvious that the mobile web is becoming a very popular and powerful platform.  Hmmm…a new place for you to advertise your business?!?

It is also projected that by 2014 more people will be accessing the internet from their phones than from computers.  If you don’t have a mobile site by then, you will be missing out on tons of traffic and prospects.  Think about that!  Are you convinced yet?

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