Fun Facts About the Computer

Joseph ComoMisc.

The computer can do almost anything these days.  While we all know the basic facts about our computers and what they can do, here are some fun facts that I wanted to share with you that aren’t as well known.  Enjoy!

“Typewriter” is the longest word that can be spelled using only one row of letters on the keyboard.

The average computer user will blink 7 times per minute, which is much less than the normal rate of 20 blinks per minute.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper came up with the word “debugging” after she removed a moth from a computer.

The first domain name ever created was, and was made on March 15, 1985.

Hewlett Packard was started in 1939 in a garage located in Palo Alto.

Macquariums are fish aquariums made from old Mac computers.

Bill Gates’ home was designed using a Mac.

Computer circuitry can be destroyed by static electricity so light that humans can’t even feel it.

In the 80’s, IBM computers weren’t considered 100% compatible unless they were able to run Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The first banner advertisement was created in 1994.

The English version of Wikipedia has over 2.3 million articles.

1 in 5 internet users visit YouTube each day.

Neat stuff, huh?