Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

You may have seen an FAQ section included on some websites you have visited.  FAQ’s are actually a really nice thing to have on your website, for various reasons.  It is obviously a great place to answer repeat questions.  It’s also a  place to add information about your business that really doesn’t fit with any other page.  FAQ pages are also a wonderful spot for you to use keywords and phrases, and to ask yourself questions that you know will benefit your readers.

There is no doubt that an FAQ page will save you lots of time.  I mean, who like answering the exact same questions day after day through emails and phone conversations? This is where you can really get down to the nitty-gritty of what your customers are confused about.  Enlighten them!

I’m sure you’ve ran into the situation where you have a great piece of information that you want on your site, but it doesn’t exactly fit with the main ideas on any of your pages.  The FAQ page is perfect for information like this!  Simply think of a question that can be answered with the information, and type it up.  That way, it won’t stick out and not make sense on a page that doesn’t really relate to it at all.

Since you will be answering a fair amount of questions (10 or more are ideal), it’s a great time to use some keywords and phrases in your answers.  It is ok to have a fair amount of them, as long as all of your sentences still make sense.  FAQ pages are very informal, so that’s why it’s acceptable to bend the keyword density rule a bit.

There are many questions that you can ask yourself and answer on your FAQ page to help inform your visitor even more about what you do.  Some ideas could be: what you will/won’t do, your work process, your rates/fees/prices, areas you service, what separates you from your competition, etc.  Simply take one of these ideas and turn it into a question, such as “Do you make changes to existing websites, or do you just build new ones?”

Like I mentioned when talking about keywords, your FAQ pages can be very informal.  Have some fun with it!  It is ok to have a sense of humor or tell small jokes if they fit in with what you are saying.  Let down your hair – show your readers that you are a human, and not just someone spewing forth information!

Are you ready to make an awesome FAQ page?  I think so!