Ever Thought About Colocation?

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Most websites can be hosted in a shared hosting environment but if your website is very large and has sensitive information, it may be better handled all alone on a dedicated server.

Many companies that determine their site needs it own server do not have the ability or time to take care of it themselves.  Colocation therefore takes away the worries by placing the site on a computer at the hosting company’s facilities.  That way you get the benefit of a professional staff taking care of everything and monitoring it constantly.

I mention this because since last quarter, more companies have sent web servers to us to colocate here.  Colocation can take away the worries that plague web server operations, including:

  • Web server management
  • Internet security
  • Power outages
  • Slow website response
  • Unreliable internet connections

We are expanding our room to provide more colocation servers in 2009!  If you are interested in more information or to reserve your space, please call us at 262-953-6000.