Email Campaigns That Target Web Visitor Needs

Robert HoldemanWeb Marketing

Through your website your customers and potential customers can find your company and further a relationship with you. Once you’ve attracted their attention, you need to keep in touch to build upon that relationship and keep them coming back for more.

An email campaign can help you achieve these goals, rounding out your internet marketing approach. At the cheap end, you can maintain your own list of email addresses and send regular communications to this list. Initially your message may be simple text. Then you may want a designed email template to provide consistency in your company’s image. Comstar can provide you with such a template for a low cost.

As your list grows it may become more manageable through a bulk emailer. A bulk emailer offloads the sending process from your computer to a mail server to help you avoid potentially being blacklisted as a spammer. It allows better list management, including managing multiple lists. It can be connected to your website so that a visitor can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves.

To send a message to your subscribers, you simply compose a message in your email template using text, images and links. Then choose one or more of your lists to receive the message and hit send. The bulk emailer does the rest of the work, distributing your message to each address. Comstar offers a bulk emailer that can meet your needs.

The bulk emailer offers statistics on how many messages were sent and how many were read. It also tracks the links clicked.

If you need automatic replies to inquiries, and even automated follow-up over time, then an autoresponder would be your best choice. Comstar works with an industry leader to get the job done.

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