DNS Changer Malware

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Back in November, the FBI arrested individuals in connection with a malicious computer infection that attacks both Windows and Mac machines.  It is called the DNS Changer Trojan.  

The DNS Changer malware replaces the DNS settings for the computers it infects with addresses of botnet servers. When users try to go to certain websites, the DNS changer redirects them to other websites controlled by the internet criminals. Those criminals pocket millions of dollars in referral rewards when people are diverted to those sites.

Users on an infected computer could suddenly find themselves on strange sites. 

The good news is, the FBI “took over” these malicious servers and have been preventing the redirects.  The bad news is that eventually these servers will be shut down completely and infected computers will not be able to access the internet or have other internet/computer issues.

When is this going to happen?  July 9, 2012.

To prevent any disruption in your services, it would be a good idea to check to see if your computer is infected and clean it up if it is. 

You can check to see if your DNS settings have been compromised by visiting the test page at the DNS Changer Working Group site.  www.dcwg.org

This site provides a way to detect the Trojan and eliminate it from your computer if necessary.