Comstar’s “Boutique” Hosting Can Sometimes Mean Special Attention

Robert HoldemanWeb Hosting

Since we have been in the web hosting business for two decades, we have seen our share of changes in the industry. The challenges of keeping our technology platforms and hardware capable of serving up websites, email and databases can be many-fold, especially since some of our oldest websites can only be hosted on unsupported and out-dated systems that are simply meeting the end of their life-cycle.

Thanks to the advance of web technology, they will have to be replaced with modern versions that are well-displayed, load quickly, and function nicely on all devices – hopefully before the end of life of the server they reside on now. In some rare cases for a few of our oldest clients, we are actually spending more on the electricity to run the web server their site is hosted on than they are paying each month*.

Because we host domains and websites for businesses and organizations of all sizes, we pride ourselves in being a “boutique” web host, where you can talk to a person, get advice, and take advantage of our willingness to help with your web presence, from domain registration to website and email hosting.

Our servers are consistently updated as needed, to deploy the latest security and performance enhancements as they become available.

(It should be noted that we are now in the process of developing a new site for one of the above-mentioned clients, with an eCommerce catalog/store front-end, coupled with a back-end synch to and from their enterprise system, a custom application built by our programming team.)