Computer Basics: What you want to know but are too afraid to ask.

Joseph ComoMisc., Website Tips

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics, to have a refresher course to what we should know about computers, let’s face it, it can be a confusing world with iphones, tablets and other mobile devices on top of desktop computers. So, do you have computer questions but are to embarrass to ask? Questions you have wanted to ask but never do? Maybe it’s in part of fear that your friends, work peers or even your boss just assumes you should just know these things. Well read on…this blog is for you. We are going to define tech lingo and unravel your frustration. So let’s get started…

So how does my computer function?

Glad you asked! A computer has a center core brain called the Centeral processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is located inside the computer on a printed electric circuit called the Motherboard. The CPU chip is responsible for processing and disturbing function – very much like our own brains with our body. If you press the letter “C” on your keyboard it will appear on your computer screen- the CPU is responsible for delivering the command of information to your screen. It is the brain and nervous system of the computer.

What is the difference between Hardware vs Software?

Hardware is the computers physical components, such as the keyboard, the mouse and memory. Software gives the hardware a list of instructions to accomplish a task you want. Software uses the hardware for basic functions; input, processing, storage and output to name a few. A way to keep this simple to remember differences, Hardware is the body and software as the brain.

What is an IP Number or address? I’ve heard of it but not sure If I need one?

Chances are, you have one. If you are reading this from your desktop computer then you have an I.P. number or address. I.P stands for Internet Protocol. I.P addresses can be static or dynamic. A Static IP address will never change and are permanent. Think of it like your home address.. You can’t wake up one day and decided to make a random address change to your house…not saying it wouldn’t be fun to prank the mailman.

What is a Database?

A computer database typically contains files, records and other forms of aggregations of data records. Databases are nothing more than an electronic filling system.

Stay tunned for part 2. What tech questions do you have but are afraid ask?  For more helpful info click here.