Choosing the Right Domain Name – .COM, .NET, etc

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

What should you do if the “.com” of your domain name is already reserved but “.net”, “.org” or other top level domains (TLDs) are available?

Some TLDs are restricted for specific use like .edu and .gov and .biz.  Your business or institution must qualify in order to reserve these extensions.  Recent arrivals on the TLD scene such as country designations like .us and .uk have become very popular.

Which one of these would be your best choice instead of .com?

There are different ways of looking at this situation.  I consider the domain name to be the most important aspect of branding and marketing.  In this case, choosing an alternate TLD to the .COM shouldn’t be too much of a concern.  If your domain name is memorable and easy to spell, it won’t matter which extension you use.

On the other hand, it is easy to think it should be “.com” and nothing else.  Online users assumes a web address is  .com and many would never think to use .net as an alternative when looking for a site.  That could result in a lost visitor.

As you can see, there are good reasons for both schools of thought.   In either case, there are two things I want to highlight.  First, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success can happen regardless of the TLD.  Second, as long as you clearly communicate your www.domainname.NET (or other TLD), visitors will find you.

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