Brand Image and the Internet

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Let’s talk about how your brand is being presented on the internet.

First, what is brand image?  Brand image is a linkage to strong, favorable and unique associations to brand in memory.

Did you know that your website can be an excellent tool to help facilitate this linkage!  In order for your website to assist with this though it must contain three elements:

(1) Attention-getting content and photos

(2) Ability to appeal to particular segments

(3) Interactive element with the visitor

Let’s take a closer look at each of these elements.  With the first element, your content must be able to be read quickly by a visitor.  Remember, writing for the web is very different than writing for printed materials.  Also, your photos need to really show the viewer how they can be helped by your product/service.  Photos must motivate them to take action. What are your photos saying?

With the second element, your website must make the visitor believe that you are reaching out to them in particular.  Some websites even personalize their homepage with a “Welcome, Name” when you return.  Try targeting specific segments and model your photos, content, and design after those prospects.

Finally, make your website interactive.  Consider adding flash to your site, a custom form a visitor can fill out, or a custom application that your prospects will be sure to remember.

As with any business, your goal is to have your prospect recognize your main message, retain the information and then make a purchase from you and talk about it with others.  The good news is your website can help you achieve this success! Now it is up to you to make sure you have the proper elements in place to facilitate this.

Good luck!