Backing Up Your Data

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Today this post is unrelated to websites but is still an important topic.  My computer died this past week and I felt the pain of losing my work so I wanted to talk to you about data backup.

I found a new backup option.  The greatest thing is that it can backup your entire computer, all data, all digital photographs, whatever you have.  It’s unlimited storage and only costs $54.95 a year.

Get a 15-day free trial

The program installs easily and when we tried it, it only took about 24-hours to do the first backup over our cable internet connection.  Now in the future when there is a change it should back up very fast.

The cool thing is that you can try it out for 15 days without paying or even giving a credit card.  Then if you like it, you can sign up for a year.  You even get to keep whatever free days are left!

Cool!  Just had to share!