An Internal Affair – Your Own Intranet?

Robert HoldemanWebsite Tips, Website Tools, Website Trends

Whether your organization is large, small or in between, you can probably benefit from a secure company intranet for sharing information on an ongoing basis among management, employees, representatives, etc.  One of the big advantages of a properly configured intranet is that authorized users can get what they need from anywhere at anytime, with just an internet connection (or even their smart phone, provided your intranet website was developed using Responsive Web Design techniques).

Employee Handbooks, training videos, general policy documentation, announcements, scheduling of company facilities, various online or pdf forms and other internal interactions can be managed and stored on an intranet, providing all with up-to-the-minute information in one single place.

A robust website content management system is an important part of any intranet, providing not only a way to manage the information available, but a way to manage the users, their passwords, and what they can do on the website.

As with any website, goal definition and planning are key.  The goal should be to inform your users/employees by making it useful and easy to navigate to what they need and get it used by promoting it to them.

For the best results, get your employees involved so they take ownership and see the benefits early.  One of the clients we recently built an intranet for held a contest to name their “employee portal”.  They feature regular Employee of the Month articles and introduce new employees to their 100+ team of healthcare providers.

With the right planning, execution and maintenance your company intranet can become a great tool and the focal point for your entire organization’s group communications, keeping everyone on the same page and going in the same direction.