ADA Compliance for Your Website

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is meant to ensure that the disabled can access governmental agencies, public places, and certain types of businesses and organizations.

That extends to their websites as well.  An ADA compliant website contains content that can be accessed by the blind or the deaf or those with physical limitations requiring navigation using assistive technologies.  Accommodations should be made by businesses to allow content to be accessed by disabled users, as determined in the ADA.  It's about making it so as many users as possible can use your website.

If your website is not ADA compliant your business can be affected in a few ways:

    • It will draw less traffic, inhibiting the growth of your business
    • It will frustrate users with disabilities, reducing time-on-site, return visits, and contact opportunities by potential customers
    • It could leave your business open to lawsuits, forcing compliance and possibly resulting in legal action and damages.  Learn more »

Odds are your website, like most small to medium sized business/organization sites, has not had ADA compliance built-in for the hearing or visually-impaired user.  Compliance remediation can be performed on your existing website at any time.  If it was done upon development and your website has content being added periodically, ADA compliance is not necessarily a one-and-done, either.  Compliance remediation can be an ongoing thing.

Comstar uses a mixture of tools and processes to bring websites into compliance with ADA directives.  We minimize the cost and maximize the efficiency of remediation, including WCAG, AODA, ADA, and Section 508 compliance.  We offer the following packages for remediation of your website with the goal of helping your site attain as close to 100% compliance as possible*.  All packages feature automated remediation, driven by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) developed for this purpose.

Four Remediation Programs


Bronze Remediation

$300/one-time setup
+ $75/month

  • Complete website compliance audit
  • Ongoing automated remediation  (A.I.-driven)
  • Accessibility toolbar on website
  • Alt-tags, ARIA tags/labels, font sizes, color contrast, navigation, text reader
  • Website Accessibility Statement
  • Before and After Report

Get our ADA recommendations for your website


We start with a compliance audit, followed up with automated A.I.-driven remediation that addresses missing alt-tags, ARIA labels, etc.

We install and configure an ADA compliance toolbar on your website addressing font size, contrast, etc., and providing extensive tools for the disabled along with higher compliance ratings.  The icon at the bottom left of your screen opens the toolbar on this very site, helping our site visitors to access our site and for Comstar to achieve compliance and avoid related legal issues.

Manual review and remediation of remaining elements completes the process, if desired, increasing compliance towards 100%*.

We provide a Before and After Report showing the improved result and we’ll even add a Statement of Accessibility page to your website.

If you’re ready to serve your entire audience and avoid potential risk for your business or organization with a more ADA compliant website complete the form below.

* While there is no way to guarantee 100% compliance for all websites on all platforms, we strive to get as close as possible to that goal.  Results will vary from evaluation reporting tool to reporting tool.  Comstar uses Google Chrome’s Lighthouse to evaluate compliance.

Comstar does not claim to provide legal advice on the topic of ADA compliance, so please consult a legal professional.


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